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After 30 years on the college campus and thousands of students later, we understand the challenges that doctoral students, post-docs, and young faculty face when entering academia and moving forward in their careers. Likewise, we have also witnessed the challenges universities, colleges, and institutions face when advising individuals who want to pursue careers in academia.

That's why our books, e-courses, and workshops are specifically designed and created to support the academic life cycle from doctoral students to promotion and tenure.


We are here to help doctoral students, post-docs, young faculty in life sciences, university and college career advising, and new faculty orientation efforts.

Our mission is to create career development tools so individuals can learn how to arrive, survive, and thrive in academia.



" I cannot speak enough on how much I treasure the advice and guidance I have received from Dr. Lightfoot.  I know without a doubt, that I would not be where I am in my career development if it were not for his advice and guidance from this service.

Dr. Heather V.

Assistant Professor, Oklahoma University

Professor & Students

"Finding the Best Faculty Job For You is a must-read book that highlights the importance of job searches, the interview process, and negotiation strategies.


The tools and insights Dr. Lightfoot shares in his book have been instrumental in elevating my research agenda. It should be required reading for any student looking to land a job in academia"

Dr. Dominique W.

Texas Department of Family and Protective Services 


"Dr. Lightfoot has put together what may be the first, and certainly the most comprehensive, how-to guide for new university faculty.


His ability to weave the critical details of success with his 30+ years' experience creates an insightful and invaluable resource for all new or nearly new faculty."

Dr. G.ary L.

Dean, University of Rhode Island

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