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Are you unsure or questioning a career in academia due to the Covid-19 pandemic? Do you feel like your career path is off-course or halted due to situations out of your control? If so, we understand! 

The academic landscape is different now, with the increase in online education as well as hiring freezes. Although no one knows what the future holds, we do know that colleges, universities, and research in the life sciences will continue to thrive.


Whether you were planning on starting your doctoral program, post-doc or looking for a new position, we believe that a career in academia is worth waiting for, so while you wait for universities to post their new positions, what can you do now, so you are prepared for when hiring begins?


If you haven't started working on application documents, take a look at our downloadable application audio and writing templates and  books.  Be prepared and get the tips, tools, and techniques necessary to move forward with application documents that will set you apart from the rest of the candidates.


With years of experience in academia and business, our books will give you answers to your "how-tos" and career guidance that is no-nonsense. Our services are affordable and easy to use.


Our mission is to help individuals move forward in their careers so they can live, prosper, and thrive within the world of academia. 


If you're ready to get started, need help navigating your position during Covid-19, or just need guidance, we're here to help!

Our Services

We understand the demands in Academia, so we designed our services in ways that best support you!


Here are a few of the ways that we can help.·   


  • Learn how to write academic application documents that grab the attention of a search committee. 

  • Understand the process of how things work within a University. 

  • Determine whether a post-doc position is best for you.

  • Search for academic positions that speak to your desired career path.

  • Discover ways to put your best foot forward in the application, interview, and negotiation process.

  • Identify strategies for developing and funding your science research agenda.

  • Strategically plan for your promotion and tenure process while minimizing anxiety and stress. 

  • Dress for your academic career success.

What We Specialize In

Are you prepared for your interview?
"If it was easy everyone would do it," is a quote I heard from Dr. Lightfoot many times during my graduate career with him.  I did not fully understand or appreciate what it meant until I had my first faculty position.  
Far too often, recent Ph.D. graduates struggle to find employment because they lack the skill set to transition from a student to a faculty member.  Thanks to Dr. Lightfoot, I received the necessary training to build a successful career in academia.” 

Dr. David F.

Michigan State University

"During the last year of my doctoral program, I received professional career training from Dr.Lightfoot. I learned how to get prepared for the job market, what to expect during each interview stage, and how/what a successful candidate looks like.
One search committee member told me after my first on-campus interview,
"Your mentors did a great job getting you prepared for this interview" 

Dr. Xuewei C.

Oklahoma State University

"Dr. Lightfoot demystifies the whole academic application process from the cover letter to the campus visit.  After applying his tips and tools to my academic portfolio, I have had Skype interviews and campus visit invitations."

Zachary J.

Doctoral student


Advance Your Academic Career 

Need some tips on what to wear for your interviews? Learn how to dress for your Academic success.



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