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We are looking for a limited number of doctoral students and post-docs who are starting to apply OR applying for a position in the life sciences in academia within the upcoming year. 


What do you receive for being a beta tester? Great question! You receive our e-course priced at $229.00 for FREE!.

You will have access to and can download writing templates and document examples for your:

  • CV

  • Cover letter

  • Teaching philosophy

  • Diversity statement

  • Research philosophy

  • Research plan & budget

  • Reference list

You will also have access to videos (taught by Dr. Tim Lightfoot) that correspond with the document as well as a 30-day writing plan to help you reach your writing goals.

Each video walks you through every application document that you need to submit for a position in academia.  This e-course will show you how to write academic application documents in less time so you stand out in the crowd and grab the attention of your search committee.


Take a look at some of the questions that we have received from other beta testers. If this is a fit for you, fill out the information box below to get started.


What do I have to do to receive your FREE course? It's simple...

Give us feedback. Answer the questions that we supply you regarding how you perceive and receive our landing page, website information, and as well as course materials. 

When do I have to start?

We need beta testers to begin now.  Once you log in to our system, you will have 30-days to download and use the course materials. You will have access to the course 24/7. 

What if I can't start immediately but would like to be a beta tester?

Contact us through the box below. Let's chat about when you can get started!

Who's teaching the course?

Great question! The course is taught by Dr. Tim Lightfoot. Tim has been in academia for over 30 years and may have been a mentor to the person who sent you to this webpage.  Take a look around our website if you'd like information about our company or the


How do I get started?

Fill out the information box below. Once we receive your information we will reach out to you to get you set up with the e-course.

Ready to get started or have a question? 

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