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Written from Experience,

Created for Young Academics

Can you use some help navigating the "rules" of applying and landing a faculty position in Academia? 
"The SURVIVAL guide
for all young academics!"
Dr. Ayland L.
Post-doc NIEHS

Finding the Best Faculty Job for You helps the reader discover the "business" of Academia and learn how to get, do, and keep a faculty position in Academia. 

With this guidebook, the reader will:

  • Understand the hiring "black hole."

  • Clarify their future in academia.

  • Find and apply for jobs.

  • Write effective application documents in less time.

  • Dress for interview success - without breaking the bank

  • Ask insightful interview questions.

  • Plan their job talk

  • Discover the Search Committee and Department Chair process as they move through the interview and hiring process.

  • Negotiate an offer and contract​.

What Young Academics Say

Dr. Jorge G.


UT Southwestern

"After reading Finding the Best Faculty Job for You, I've gained the knowledge to not only find and obtain the job I want but to also be able to strategically negotiate my future salary!!


Needless to say, my anxiety is gone and I'm now enjoying the job hunt process!!”

Dr. Xuewei C.

Assistant Professor

Oklahoma State University

“During the last year of my doctoral program, I received professional career training from Dr. Lightfoot. I learned how to get prepared for the job market, what to expect during each interview stage, and how/what a successful candidate looks like.


One search committee member told me after my first on-campus interview, ‘Your mentors did a great job on getting you prepared for this interview.” 

Dr. Zachary J.

Post-doc Fellow

Univ. of Michigan

"This book demystifies the whole application process from the cover letter to the campus visit.  


After applying Dr. Lightfoot's tips and tools to my academic portfolio, I have had Skype interviews and campus visit invitations." 

Do you know how to prepare for

Promotion and Tenure? 

Front_Surviving_book copy.jpeg

Surviving Your First 5 Years As A Faculty Member removes the surprises and questions that a young academic has in the critical first few years as a faculty member.  


By utilizing the tips and techniques in this book, readers will shorten their learning curve and increase their knowledge so they can: 

  • Learn how to transition from being a newly hired Assistant Professor to a seasoned, promoted, and tenured Associate Professor.​

  • Improve their professional network

  • Strengthen teaching expertise

  • Develop a robust research portfolio

  • Increase external funding

  • Manage  service commitments

  • Create a solid promotion and tenure packet

" For all the things about the tenure and promotion process that you should know but didn't, or didn't know to ask, this book is an all-in-one guide to helping young faculty navigate one of the most critical processes

in their academic career"

- Dr. Heather V.

Assistant Professor

Texas Tech University