Are Your Peers Giving You

Career Advice?

Can you use some help navigating the written and unwritten rules of applying and landing a faculty position in Academia? 


If you're saying "Yes!", then you are in the right place!


Finding the Best Faculty Job for You gives the reader a front-row seat in the interview and hiring process as well as what happens behind the scenes with the Search Committee and Department Chair as move through the interview process.

By the time you’ve read this book, you’ll discover how to:


  • Understand the “business” of Academia

  • Clarify your future

  • Find and apply for jobs

  • Write effective application documents

  • Dress for interview success

  • Ask insightful interview questions

  • Plan your job talk

  • Negotiate your contract

You got yourself to this point, Finding the Best Faculty Job for You will get you the rest of the way!

AuthorDr. J. Timothy Lightfoot has 30 years of experience as a faculty member and academic administrator.  He has served on over 35 faculty and administrator search committees over his career as well as training many doctoral students for the professoriate.  He has been awarded teaching awards at three Universities and has over 70 scientific papers.

Have you Started Preparing for

Promotion and Tenure? 

Surviving Your First Five Years As A Faculty Member will help you move through the critical first five years in Academia.

You will learn how to transition from being a newly hired Assistant Professor to a seasoned, promoted, and tenured Associate Professor.


By utilizing tips and techniques, you will shorten your learning curve and increase your knowledge so you can:

  • Improve your professional network

  • Strengthen your teaching expertise

  • Develop a robust research portfolio

  • Increase external funding

  • Manage your service commitments

  • Create a solid promotion and tenure packet

Once you've finished reading Surviving Your First Five Years As A Faculty Member, you will have the knowledge, insight, and skillset necessary to live and prosper in Academia.

Available in Kindle and paperback. 

"The SURVIVAL guide
for all young academics!"
Dr. Ayland L.
Post-doc NIEHS

D. Williams,  Doctoral student

Texas A&M University

"This must-read book highlights the importance of job searches, the interview process, and negotiation strategies.


The tools and insights Dr. Lightfoot shares in his book have been instrumental in elevating my research agenda.


It's required reading for any student looking to land

a job in academia"

Dr. H. Vellers, Assistant Professor

Texas Tech University

"For all the things about the tenure and promotion process that you should know but didn't, or didn't know to ask...


This book is an all-in-one (or inclusive) guide to helping young new faculty navigate one of the most critical processes in their academic career."

Dr. G. Liguori, Dean

Univ. Rhode Island


"Dr. Lightfoot has put together what may be the first, and certainly the most comprehensive, how-to guide for new university faculty.


His ability to weave the critical details of success with his 30+ years' experience creates an insightful and invaluable resource for all new or nearly new faculty."

Dr. J. Granados, Post-doc 

Southwest Texas University

"Prior to reading this book, I had high levels of anxiety surrounding my ability to obtain an academic job after graduation. 

After reading Dr. Lightfoot's book, I've gained the knowledge to not only find and obtain the job I want but to also be able to strategically negotiate my future salary.



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