Solutions & Services

Our services are designed and created as support tools to increase the success of doctoral students, post-docs, or young faculty in life sciences. We partner with students and institutions to deliver services that support young academics as they move forward in their careers. 

Derived from over 30 years of experience in academia, our career development solutions and services were developed by utilizing current, actionable, and easy to implement strategies with young academics in mind.


"It's hard to summarize the course in a few words; however, I learned how to best prepare for my dream faculty position and how to continue striving for success when I get it."


- Rahma M, 

Assistant research scientist

Univ. of Florida

Conference Seating

Workshops & Seminars

Virtual & In-person

Whether conducting a seminar discussing a single topic or a multi-topic workshop, we deliver information that aligns with your participant's place in their academic search. 

Here are a few of our most requested talks:

  • The new normal in Academic job searches.

  • Grant-writing for young academics.

  • How to interview and dress for success in academia.

  • Taking Control of Your Career: ways to navigate and prosper in your professional life.

  • Winning Negotiation Strategies

On a Video Call

Online Courses

& Webinars

Our E-courses and webinars are designed in a step by step format 

which delivers actionable and 

achievable results for your participants.

Whether it's an e-Course, workshop, or webinar participants receive the information they need to

arrive, survive, and thrive in Academia.

Female Student

"Every young professional aiming to have a successful career in academia will benefit greatly from this class information, the expertise, and advice as they navigate through their own professional journey."

-Dr. Emily S.

Assistant Professor

Univ. of Wyoming

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