We have always had a shared passion for dogs, racing, and travel. However, over the years, we realized that we also had a passion for helping young students find their way in the sometimes challenging and uncharted waters of academia and life! With the desire to connect, recharge, and have fun with students, we started to have social events like annual Christmas parties, end of the year get-togethers, and summer socials.

The get-togethers gave us an informal setting so we could chat with students outside the walls of academia and listen to their challenges and questions. It also became a place for the students to deepen their community and connection with one other while enjoying tasty food, laughing, and creating lasting memories.

With the writing of the first book, “Finding The Best Faculty Job For You”, along with the creation of a career development class for master and doctoral students, we combined our passion for supporting student's career efforts and started Academic Career Development.

With the second book, “Surviving Your First 5 Years As A Faculty Member” we expanded our services further supporting the needs of young academics.

With over 30 years in academia and countless hours teaching and listening to student's questions and concerns, we continue to support individuals so they can live, survive and thrive as they move forward in their chosen career path in academia.​



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