Business Cards – Do You Have Yours?

One of the simplest tools can make a huge difference for your job prospects!

As you begin thinking about post-docs or faculty positions (about one year before you graduate), you are entering the professional arena where you are going to make it known that you are looking for an academic job. What will you give people who are interested in you? Your email address written on a slip of paper?

This is the place for the humble business card. While you may think that a small paper business card is out of date in our techno-centered world, that humble business card is one of the easiest ways to help people remember who you are. A simple card with your name, your current title (like “Doctoral Candidate”), and your contact information can be invaluable.

"...that humble business card is one of the easiest ways to help people remember who you are."

I was recently at a conference where a post-doc who is currently on the job market had been introduced to a Dean of a College at a large research-intensive University. They struck up a conversation and the Dean after some conversation, asked for this post-doc’s business card so he could send her an upcoming job announcement. The post-doc had no business cards and missed a golden opportunity to give her contact information to this Dean who might hire her in the future. Whoops!

There is no excuse to not have business cards, especially if you may be in situations where you’ll may give your contact information to other professionals. Business cards are easy and inexpensive; there are several companies on the internet that will design, print, and send you cards for as little as $10.

Ten dollars is a cheap price to pay for the knowledge that you’ll always have your contact information at hand, ready to be given to anyone you meet.



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