Finding The Best Faculty Position

Are you feeling a bit frustrated or confused when it comes to how to write your application documents so you stand out among the crowd? If so, we get it!


If you can use some help navigating the academic application process, are in need of edits on your documents or feedback on your job talk, Academic Career Development can help you!

We know that every individual has different needs, that's why we offer a variety of options regardless of where you are on your career path. 

Here's how we can support you!

Bite-sized application writing documents

To get your next position, you need to submit well-written application documents so they grab the attention of the search committee. However, we know that sometimes writing an effective document can be challenging. That's why we created the bite-sized writing option.


Our application documents are designed to give you the help you need to maximize your time and effort.  By receiving our tips and tools, you'll be able to write effective, concise, and succinct

documents in less time!


Let's say that you need to write your cover letter and you need a little help because you're not sure what or how to write the document.


Go to our store page, click on the document(s) that you need,

make your purchase and you will instantly receive the link to download both files once payment is successfully processed.


Click on the link to download and save the file to get started right away or later. It’s that simple!

1) An instant document template download to guide you through the process of writing your document. 


2) An audio download that walks you through the process of writing the document with all of the necessary information and guidance to help support you as you write winning documents. 

Best of all is that you have the freedom to download the document(s) you need 24/7. 

In addition to the application documents we also offer: 

  • ​Books

  • Proofreading and editing documents

  • Academic career coaching 

  • Contract (salary) negotiation

  • Job Talk skype session

  • Interview and career wardrobe selection for academics

Whether you choose to purchase a book, utilize our bite-sized writing documents, or receive one-on-one coaching, the choice is up to you; however, the result will be the same. You will receive the information and support you need to put your best foot forward as you move forward on your career path.

Survive Your First 5 Years in Academia

You’ve got the job; now what do you do?

As a new faculty member, you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed

shortly after starting your new position. Partly, this feeling comes from not being prepared for the multiple responsibilities that are

being placed upon you.

If you are at the beginning of your faculty position, the tenure-track line of promotion and tenure evaluations may seem to be a long, long way away.  However, the time to begin building a case for promotion and tenure is as soon as you start your job. 

The sooner you become acquainted with what is necessary for promotion and tenure, the easier it will be for you to navigate your new career path. 

That's why, in addition to our book, Surviving Your First 5 Years As A Faculty Member, we offer coaching services for academics, just like you!

Regardless of age or level, our coaching sessions are designed to support you at whatever stage you are at in your career.


Whether you need help understanding the early stages of academia, a review of your promotion and tenure portfolio, or negotiating an offer, a coaching call can help you move through the process more confident and with less stress!



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