Dr. J. Timothy Lightfoot, Ph.D.  FACSM, RCEP, CES

CCO | Chief Content Officer 


Have you ever watched someone make a mistake that can limit their future? It’s like watching a car crash happen in slow motion. Not fun, right? But yet, that’s what Tim saw young academics doing time and time again, making mistakes that would significantly influence the trajectory of their career. Often it was because they either didn’t know what to do or they were following the advice of their peers or non-academic friends and family.

These mistakes ranged from simple errors in cover letters and CVs that would doom the application to inappropriate professional dress and behavior to not understanding the timing of academia that derailed the path to promotion and tenure.


After 30 years in academia watching young academics deal with unexpected and often unwritten rules and norms, crying and wringing of hands over career decisions to wanting to throw in the Ph.D. towel, Tim said: “Enough is enough!”

So, Tim decided to stop playing the bass in his downtime and start writing books that would do something about the issue. Knowing that many problems faced young academics in moving forward in their careers, Tim, along with Faith, created their first “child,” Academic Career Development Services.


Tim wasn't looking for a diversion from his bass playing. However, with the belief that there is no reason that young academics should face the career challenge alone, he keeps writing in the field of academic career development, continues to coach young academics, and he still practices his bass!



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