Faith A. Lightfoot BSE, CIC, CWFN

CEO | Chief Entrepreneur of Operations


With a father who was an entrepreneur, risk-taker, and sole provider of nine children and a wife, it's no wonder that Faith grew up with entrepreneurial blood flowing through her veins.

As she headed off to Ohio State University for her degree in horticulture, she knew that having her own business was not just her destiny but clearly her desire. After internships and a brief stint in Corporate America, she opened an interior landscaping business in Chicago, Illinois. It was this business that taught Faith that a successful business required perseverance, the need for a well-developed plan, the ability to get back up when knocked down, and a whole lot of prayer!

After accomplishing her goals in the world of horticulture, she was inspired by her mother's passion for wellness and her own love of exercise so Faith received a degree in exercise physiology. With her degree in hand and a few businesses under her belt, she started a wellness business that continued to fuel her passion as an entrepreneur. 

With over three decades of business building in the fields of exercise physiology, horticulture, and over twenty-five years in the world of academia as a "dresser" to her academic husband, Faith knows first hand what it's like to have an uncertain, or crab on the beach career path.


Having spent years listening and engaging with students and young academics as they move forward in life, Faith has witnessed the tears, angst, and uncertainty that many individuals face.  She has heard first-hand the challenges that many young academics experience not only when moving to the next level in their careers but also when deciding if they should enter the world of academia or become an entrepreneur.


With a passion and desire to move Academic Career Development to the next level, Faith brings her entrepreneurial skillset, background in fashion, and business experience to the team.  Faith is fueled with the passion for assisting individuals as they discover how to navigate the academic and entrepreneurial career path but, more importantly, to support those who strive to pursue and learn the art of a life, well-lived. 

Footnote: Faith is posing in front of the Mary Tyler Moore statue in Minneapolis. If you've never heard of  Mary Tyler Moore or the show by the same name, do a Google search.  The show was a game-changer for many women.



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