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Could you use career development support tools, webinars, and e-courses to help move your students, young academics or organization members forward in their careers?

With over 30 years of experience on the college campus and thousands of students later, like you, we know the challenges individuals face when deciding on the trajectory of their careers. Additionally, we have witnessed the demands of career advisors, heads of departments, institutions, and professional organizations who require support solutions created and written from experience.

Our services are designed to complement or add to your career development efforts. Whether in your department, doctoral program, professional organization, or young faculty orientation, we strive to partner with you to deliver the solutions that will help move your life science students, young academics or members forward. 

We offer group pricing on our e-courses, webinars, and books for university, institutions, and professional organizations.


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Our Services


Dr Mike Reid headshot.jpg

Dr. M. Reid

Dean and Professor

University of Florida

This book should be studied carefully by every aspiring professor who enters academia. 

I intend to equip each of our new hires with their own personal copies"

dr emily schmitt.jpg

Dr. E. Schmitt

Assistant Professor
University of Wyoming

"The guidance I have received under the mentorship of Dr. Lightfoot was invaluable as I look for jobs, prepare for interviews, and negotiate for my first faculty position. Every young professional aiming to have a successful career in academia will benefit greatly from Dr. Lightfoot’s expertise and advice as they navigate through their own professional journey.” 

dr.david ferguson.jpg

Dr. D. Ferguson

Associate Professor

Michigan State University

"I did not fully understand or appreciate what it meant until I had my first faculty position.  Far too often recent Ph.D. graduates struggle to find employment because they lack the skill set to transition from a student to a faculty member. Thanks to Dr. Lightfoot, I received the necessary training to build a successful career in academia.” 

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